BFHT – BeFaster Holder Token

Here you will find all the relevant options you need to know to get the most out of the BFHT.

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Buy and Sell

Here you can buy and sell BFHT.


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buy with BNB


buy with BNB


buy with BNB

Provide liquidity

Provide liquidity and profit from traders' trading fees.


Stake and unstake your BFHT

Stake your BFHT here and get your personal share of the Staking Pool. This is fed with 50% of the sales. Only the normal transaction costs of BinanceSmartChain apply here. We do not charge any additional fee.



Participate in the staking pool

Transparent. Secure. Smart Contract Based.

The BeFasterHolderToken - is a calculation unit for the participation in the Staking Pool. The amount of the personal staked BFHT in relation to the total number of staked BFHT, result in the amount of your personal payout. The BFHT is also distributed to the referrals and the top positions in the ranking list. The BFHT can be used to unlock certain functions within the app.

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The inflow to the Staking Pool follows the protocol and takes place either daily or once a month, depending on the revenue source. We distinguish between crypto income (then daily) and FIAT income (then monthly). The distribution takes place in a desired cryptocurrency. Only staked BFHTs can participate in this inflow.

Learn more about the protocol here.

Staking and Long term Staking

  • Each staked BFHT participates in the staking pool, which is fed with 50% of the turnover.
  • The personal payout is determined by the ratio of the personal staked BFHT to the total number of staked BFHT. Each of the quantities is variable and not subject to the influence of
  • There are only 297,702,612 tokens!
  • Check the protocol and the Multi Currency Option

1. Status


Trade it!

2. Status

"Staking distribution activated"

stake it!

get your share. Stake and Unstake daily and maintain total flexibility.

3. Status

"Staking Participation and Staking Rewards

Stake it for a fixed term period!

Receive additional Staking Rewards in BFHT on top of your personal payout. Up to 10% p.a.

4. Status

"claim your favorite currency"

Choose your favourite from the Major Coins for the payout!

get your destribution in BFHT and pay no fees. Choose another cryptocurrency and pay a small fee of 5%


Your Staking Rewards are not automatically fed into the Staking Contract! This gives you absolute flexibility. Sell your Staking Rewards and take your profits with you. Or stake them "on top" and secure an even higher payout and higher Staking Rewards.


These time periods are available for option. So the APY you choose will be calculated based on your accumulated BFHT amount and distributed to you daily.

14 days = 0.5% APY
1 month = 1% APY
3 months = 2,5% APY
6 months = 2,75% APY
1 year = 6% APY
2 years = 10% APY

Claime, trade or stake "on top"!


Of course you can unstake your BFHT prematurely. For this, a fee of 10% of the total staked BFHT amount and the distributed Staking Rewards will be charged.

This penalty goes back into the BFHT Staking Rewards Pool and is available for further distributions. Protocol

Here you can see a summary and simplification of the protocol without the distinction between crypto income and FIAT income. What is essential is that all revenues are converted into crypto. 50% of this is transferred to the staking pool. BFHT holders can participate in this 50% by staking their BFHT. 50% remains with the company ltd. and is distributed proportionally to the BeFasterFriends and the ranking list. has no influence on the amount of the total staked BFHT. also has no direct influence on the amount of sales generated. The price of the BFHT is regulated solely by the open market.

Total sales



converted to crypto



Ranking list


Ranking list








Staking Pool


Staking Pool

What might interest you as an investor.


BeFasterHolderToken. All holders have the opportunity to stake their BFHT and thus participate in the staking pool, which is fed with 50% of the company's sales. The BFHT is thus a calculation unit for the amount of your participation. It results from the ratio of your personal staked BFHT to the total number of staked BFHT and the amount of the corresponding distributions to be distributed.
Top rankings are rewarded with 5% of the turnover plus 50% from the BeFasterFriendsPOT. The payout is made in BFHT.

The revenue share of the referrals (BeFasterFriends) is paid in BFHT.

All wallets and transactions are recorded in the blockchain, distributed via smart contracts and can be tracked securely and transparently. The BFHT is the reward token, not the InApp Token PAID, which you receive for the kilometres you cover. . The number of tokens is limited. New tokens will no longer be generated. Holders receive special discounts and offers as well as exclusive VIP functions in the app.

2. what are the monetary functions of the BFHT?

The following possibilities exist:
1. participation in the staking pool for staked BFHTs
2. tradability of the BFHT on exchanges
3. multi-currency option
4. stake the BFHT for a longer period and receive up to 10% APR
5. access to exclusive features within the app. what are the monetary functions of the BFHT?

3. how are the Rewards distributed?

The revenues generated by the company are split 50/50 between the Staking Pool and These revenues can be generated through fiat revenues and cryptocurrency revenues. Each holder has the possibility to stake his BFHT and thus participate in the staking pool. According to the Multi Currency Option, the participation in the staking pool can take place in several cryptocurrencies. The selection is not permanently binding, but can be changed at any time. The distribution in BFHT is free of charge. If another cryptocurrency is selected, a fee will be charged in the respective currency. The cryptocurrency of choice is purchased from the market and transferred to the holder via a smart contract.

4. HOW IS REVENUE GENERATED? revenue is generated through InAPP purchases, such as the sale of VIP packages, skins, numerous training plans, add-ons etc. This also includes the sale of gadgets and merchandising items. Another source of income are the challenges, for which a fee is due.

5. What is the ratio of my BFHT to the total distribution?

There are a total of 297,702,612 BFHT. Depending on how many BFHT you and other holders have staked, the amount of the personal transfer from the staking pool is also calculated. All factors can and do vary. You can not get from


Distributions from crypto revenues are made to the staking pool and then to the BFHT holders on a daily basis.

The revenues generated from fiat revenues, i.e. those that are processed via Google, are distributed to the staking pool once a month and then to the staked BFHT.


The distribution is blockchain-based and via smart contracts. The staking pool stake is only distributed to the staked BFHT. To receive them in your wallet, you need to claim them. Before claiming, you can choose a cryptocurrency according to the multi-currency option. The cryptocurrency of your choice is then bought from the market and transferred to your wallet.


Yes! In order to hold BFHT, to be able to stake them and to receive your payout from the staking pool, you must have a BinanceSmartChain-enabled cryptowallet. A transfer to a regular bank account is excluded. The most common providers are MetaMask and TrustWallet. No guarantee - it's your decision, please inform yourself carefully.
Recommendation: Never leave your tokens on an exchange for a long time.


The main risk is that the DApp will not be accepted as quickly as expected by the world's runners and that the number of users will not grow as quickly. However, a strong online and market presence by involving global players is the solution. There are general risks, such as losing the private key to access the wallet. In this case, cannot be held responsible for the loss. Read about the risks in full in the GTC.

10. Do I have to stake my BFHT and how does it work?

Yes, in order to receive a payout from the Staking Pool you need to Stake your tokens. With the DeFi Staking Protocol, staking gives you the opportunity to stake for a longer period of time and earn additional Staking Rewards.

11. How does the "Long term Staking" work?

Stake your BFHT for a period of between 14 days and 2 years. Receive up to 10% APR for this. The Staking Rewards are paid out daily. Only the not compound option is offered, which means that the Staking Rewards are not automatically staked. This gives you complete flexibility to decide what to do with your Staking Rewards. You can sell them or stack them on top.

12. What happens if I unstake my BFHT prematurely?

For premature unstaking a penalty of 10% is due. This affects the staked BFHT, as well as the so far distributed rewards for the respective staking period.

13. How does the Staking Pool work?

If and when sales are generated, the staking pool is fed with 50%. A blockchain query is used to determine the total amount of staked BFHT and personal BFHT. The transfer takes place in the cryptocurrency of choice.
All "penalties" for early unstaking go Smart Contract - based back into the BFHT pool, which distributes the Staking Rewards. The BFHT - Staking Rewards Pool is fed with 50% of the company's turnover and receives its payout in BFHT (Multi Currency Option) like a holder. As a result, it fills itself up again and again. However, if it is used up at any time, the service is closed and only the "1st status" staking applies.

14. In which currency will the Staking Pool distribution be claimed?

With our innovative multi-currency system, you can decide in which cryptocurrency you want to receive your payout. We offer the Major Coins. Your decision is not permanently binding. You can decide again before each new claim of your distribution.

If you decide for a distribution in BFHT, the distribution will be free of charge. If you decide to use another major coin, a fee of 5% will be charged.

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