Be Fast.

No Pain, No Gain

Challenge Modus

Real Opponents, real challenges

If you think of as a game, this is the multiplayer mode. BE FAST.


Do you want to feel a new thrill while running? Something you’ve never experienced before in this form? Then the challenges are just right for you. Challenge others and take on the challenge yourself!


Everything at a glance


Run against real people




Bet on your victory


Suitable for everyone from beginners to competitive athletes


Anyone. Invite the person of your choice directly via share function. Or run against another runner in the world. No matter where. Create your challenge and publish it on the app. Wait until someone dares to accept your challenge.

No gender

At we know no gender. With us, only your performance decides – and that is pure mathematics. It doesn’t matter if you are male, female or diverse – this is not a criterion for choosing your opponent, but only how fast and how far you can run.

Any Age

Equality for all! In accordance with the NO GENDER principle, we also do not know any age classifications. Who said that a young person is generally more athletic and fit than an older person? No one, that’s right, so it doesn’t matter when it comes to choosing your opponent.


Decide when you want to start the challenge. As soon as you have found an opponent, you have a contract, so to speak. Don’t worry, you can also withdraw from the contract. You can decide when you want to run – right away or later.

Get it All

All or nothing principle

Bet on your victory and win the bet of your running opponent. Decide in which currency your bet should be. These two options are available to you.


Place PAID on your victory as a bet. Be faster and get the PAID of your running opponent. We give you the PAID for free – for every kilometer and your activities within the app.

Useful to increase your PAID balance and achieve higher rankings in the leaderboard.


Place your local currency as a wager. It will be deducted from your credit card, converted into a stable cryptocurrency and placed as a wager. This way, runners all over the world can run against each other.

For example, bet 10 euros, win, and receive your opponent’s 10 euros as a victory bonus.

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