Be Fit.

Features is a running & fitness app - built like a game. This section - BE FIT. - you can consider as a single player mode.

BE FIT. is all about you!

Your goals, your results, your achievements, your victories, your defeats, and your memories. You get PAID and collect Experience Points (XP) for every step you take along your journey through Track and celebrate your progress over a lifetime.

Run for Cash - PAID

Every meter to kilometer you move is worth money. Every 100-meter effort earns you 0.1 PAID, equating to 1 PAID for a 1000-meter activity. You can get PAID through your activity, cash it out to your credit card or use it in the challenges.

Running app

Use as a normal running app. Track your steps, jogging distances, speeds, altitude and calories. You can track everything clearly in your profile. An appealing look completes your running experience.



According to your personal fitness level you will find daily, weekly and life time quests. is for everyone. No matter if you are a couch potato or a competitive athlete. They always motivate you to stay active and reward you with additional PAID and XP.

Ranking list

You know leaderboards from all games; but this one is different. Here you don't just stand at the top, but are rewarded for your performance. Yes, that's right. shares 5% of the total revenue with its users. Earn PAID and XP and climb up the leaderboard.


What is the PAID?


Personal Activity Internal Distribution




0.1 PAID per 100 m - i.e. 1 PAID per km


Distribution to the app internal wallet



What can you do with PAID?

Sell PAID and pay them out in your local currency to your credit card

place PAID as stake in the challenges, win and get the PAID of your running opponent

save PAID and move up in the rankings

pay your purchases with PAID (coming soon)


Sport App

Sell PAID and pay them out in your local currency to your credit card


place PAID as stake in the challenges, win and get the PAID of your running opponent

Das Referral System (BeFasterfriends)

collect Paid and move up in the rankings Protocol




pay your purchases with PAID (coming soon)





Always face new challenges. Let yourself get motivated and become better and better.

Your new running buddy

Daily - Weekly - Life time

Run x km, do x challenges, run on x continents, run at the Eifel Tower or the Great Wall of China. And much, much more! It never gets boring!

best version of yourself

The quests adapt to your fitness level. No, we won't overwhelm you, but you certainly won't get bored either! As you get fitter, you'll have to do more quests!

Real added value

The quests reward you with PAID or XP. The XP tells how actively you use the app and interact with You need both to have a good ranking in the leaderboard.

The life hack:

Want more PAID and XP?

Follow all social media channels and get new coupon codes!

Get more PAID and XP!

Ranking list

Achieve a good ranking and get rewarded! Monthly!


Ranking is one of the most essential parts of the PAID ecosystem. As a user, you are placed in a league according to your running behavior. The number of your PAID and XP determines your ranking. The better it is, the higher your chance to share in the company profits. Go for it!

5 % Revenue of the company Ltd.


distributed to the best in the leagues


do challenges, hold many PAID and XP

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