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Befaster fit announces App to launch on 14th August 2022


Introduction to

BeFaster introduction! What is BeFaster? We are an online fitness platform that helps people reach their fitness goals. The site offers a wide range of workouts, nutrition advice, and motivation tips. Users can also join communities, connect with friends, and track their progress.

What sets BeFaster apart from other fitness sites is its focus on customer engagement. The company uses gamification techniques to keep users engaged and offers rewards for meeting fitness goals! In addition, the site regularly hosts challenges and events to help users stay motivated. As a result, will quickly become one of the most popular fitness platforms online.

BeFaster Introduction to sport and crypto: The protocol

The protocol is a new fitness program that is taking the internet by storm. It is based on the theory that the best way to get in shape is to work out as hard and as fast as you can competing with other people around the world. Nonetheless, users will be able to earn real crypto from this activity.

But how does it work the protocol? This protocol has been shown to be incredibly effective based on multiple smart contracts in a fully automated process and easy to follow for users. The protocol involves a feature of recommenders and users who will be able to rank in a list where revenues will be distributed following certain key criteria.

How everybody can earn money while using

The process is really simple and fully automated thanks to smart contracts. Users take part to BeFaster challenges to participate they inset 100 USDT, and the winner of each challenge get’s it all.

In addition, users pay 10 USDT which will go entirely into the BHFT crypto world.

50% will go to BFHT Holder

50% will go to BeFaster fit in order to guarantee funds for:

10% Ranking

20% Referrals program

70% Liquidity for company investments such as further development

What about the crypto issued from is a new fitness app that is quickly gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts. The app allows users to track their workouts, set goals, and compete with friends. What sets apart from other fitness apps is its use of blockchain technology.

The app uses two tokens, BFHT and PAID, to reward users for their workouts.

Both tokens are based on BEP-20 technology which means they do not rely on their own blockchain but lie on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Thanks to that BEP-20 is the most popular standard used by Binance’s smart contracts to issue new tokens.

BFHT (Be Faster Holder Token) is an investor token. Each BFHT holder participates in 50% of the company’s turnover as described in the previous paragraph.

PAID (Personal Activity Internal Distribution) is the inApp Token, which is paid based on the quantity of activity performed. For example, 1 run KM is equal to 1 PAID. Moreover, users could earn PAID based on their activity in the app. Generally speaking, PAID can cover a lot of functions within the app.

The use of blockchain technology provides a number of benefits for users, including transparency and security. In addition, the use of tokens incentivizes users to keep using the app, as they can earn rewards for their workouts. As more people discover the benefits of, the app is sure to become even more popular.

BeFaster Introduction to staking & rewards

The DeFi protocol creates a win-win for all parties involved – including holders of the BFHT who are guaranteed revenue sharing in case their investment pays off!

The distribution methods based on smart contract means that it’s secure, binding, and transparent too; while users’ stake will ensure you receive these benefits when they arise.

In order to get a share of the profits, you must stake your tokens in our staking tool provided on website, holders will get access to 50% of company revenue.

Oh, and that’s not enough, at we decided to create a concept of revenue shares and staking rewards which are activated when certain thresholds are respected.

For example, additional staking activates the following rewards:

14 days= 0.5% APR

1 month= 1% APR

3 months= 2.5% APR

6 months= 2.75% APR

1 year= 6% APR

2years= 10% APR

BeFaster Introduction to Multi-currency options

Obviously, perks with don’t end here. Revenues on staking could be paid out in various cryptocurrencies. If BFHT is chosen as the preferred method of distribution you will have free fees., indeed, is the only company that offers a revenue system based not only on proprietary tokens but also in the form of other tokens present on the Binance Smart Chain.

Tokens that will be distributed will be directly bought from the market positively affecting the public price of the token.

Both BFHT and PAID can be bought and sold on various exchanges, and terms and conditions for both of them will be available on the website and on the whitepaper.


With the platform, blockchain technology is being used to connect sport and people in a way that has never been done before. This revolutionary idea has the potential to change how we view sports and bring people together from all over the world.

The two tokens BFHT and PAID will help to fund and share the revenues of this project with the community ensuring its success. If you are interested in getting involved with or simply want to learn more, please visit our website or read our whitepaper. We believe that this project can make a real difference in people’s lives and we hope you will join us on our journey!