Revolutionizing Fitness for All revolutionising fitness – Are you frustrated by how hard to find an app that pays you to exercise? What if there’s an app where you could earn money just by being healthy? unlocks this dream into reality by connecting you directly with people like you who want to be challenged and get paid. is a blockchain-powered sports app running as a game that rewards you with revenue share when exercising.  Use these revenue tokens to earn money or redeem them for product or service discounts.

Blockchain is cutting-edge technology now emerging in the market. uses smart contracts and encryption systems to secure data and customer information that cannot be viewed externally. With the inception of blockchain technology in the environment, only data owners or users can access its information and use this data to assess their earning potential.

Revolutionising fitness – the app user interface is so simple and on-point that you can complete your fitness goals on-time and without worries. The dashboard menu helps users to navigate the tools easily. These tools are Goals, Challenges, and Private Challenge modes, Free Run mode, Steps, and Quests in terms of daily, weekly, or lifetime. Run for Cash is the first blockchain-based sports app in the market today. The tokens gained in the system helps app user increase their motivation for a healthier lifestyle while earning.

There are two essential tokens used in the app to optimise the whole running experience:

BFHT or (BeFasterHolderToken)

BFHT (BeFasterHolderToken) is an investor token. As an investor, you can participate in 50% of company investment turnover as one of the added revenue streams according to protocol. The token distribution system divides the sales among the token holders qualified to meet key criteria.

The BFHT is a BEP 20 token on the BinanceSmartChain. The total token supply of the BFHT is a bit more than 297 million tokens. The number of BFHTs owned by an investor equals the percentage ratio over the total token supply.

PAID (Personal Activity Internal Distribution)

It is an in-app token within the ecosystem given to app users. The revenue share distribution is paid out to an app subscriber for running an active app user equal to 1 PAID = 1 km.

Ranking is an important part of PAID ecosystem. Place in ranking list and get results according to the number of PAID and experience point (XP) you accumulated.  App users who get the highest ranking gets 5% of the company revenue every month.

Meanwhile, BFHT is a revenue token for creating personal wealth. Every BFTH must be staked in the Staking Tool to claim and receive the revenue share and Staking Rewards. To get the revenue share, claim the stake or sell the unstaked revenues on the website. Profit from your revenue share is secured and safe from our data storage.

Both BFTH and PAID are used within the environment. However, BFTH and PAID are not connected to other in terms of their use, tasks, and technical and content-related design.

3 Key Benefits of and Its Ecosystem is revolutionising fitness and provides a new way to earn while you run. The app is owned by Limited based in Malta, and developed by CryptoVarna based in Bulgaria, wanted to help people get more active in their everyday lives.

This app allows users to download the app for free on any device. Begin running with friends or strangers and have fun meeting new people from around the globe. If runners finish their workout, they are rewarded with blockchain-based cryptocurrency.

What are the benefits of using app? Key benefits are:

Win Quests against Challengers and Get Rewarded

While being healthy, earn in cryptocurrency!

Run, and Have PAID

Run and get PAID!

Revolutionising fitness – wants to reward you for exercising with their app, which has a quest system that adapts to your personal fitness level and gives you money for exercising.

You can see a pedometer that calculates your activities while using the app. This will give your 1 PAID in every 1-kilometer movement in the dashboard menu.

The Steps Tool measures the movement when you’re on Free Run and Private Challenges at any time when running or exercising. Calculate the Steps you took with a link connected to your device. Count your step on any of your devices anytime, anywhere over the internet.

Win Quests and Challenges and Get Rewarded

Winning the run is one of the significant achievements for runners alike. recognizes app users’ effort in accomplishing their fitness goals despite adversaries.

Challenge Mode

Let your adrenaline rush kick in various challenges and quests. Challenges multi-player menu in the dashboard shows different modes such as Goals, Challenges, and Private Challenge modes, Free Run mode, Steps, and Quests in daily, weekly, or lifetime.

Group Challenges – two groups are running against each other. One group can compete and choose the amount of bet versus another like in Private Challenge mode.

Multi Challenges – these challenges expand to a larger scale. This mode covers competition against users all over the globe and divides it into cities, regions, districts, countries, states, island groups, and parts or entire continents.

In Private Challenge, it’s a comparative race between two persons. You are competing against another app user and comparing race results. Invite your friends directly from the app and place a bet by sharing the link with both parties.

You can pay the bet by PAID or fiat (with real money) in your local currency. PAID are the tokens you accumulate from actively using the app, actions completed, bonuses, previous challenge winnings, and in-app purchase points.

Single Player Mode

The Single Player Mode Quests menu is also available in the dashboard. The quest system is a motivation and incentive tool for users to keep their fitness goals in check using the app.

The quest system can be completed in daily, weekly, and lifetime goals. Lifetime quests are also divided into various intermediate goals.

Any activities are possible that can count for repeated tasks at the same time, for example, conventional jogging. A jogging lap can fulfil the quests for your counting steps and kilometers, doing a free run, and others. gives you a positive reinforcement by pressure motivation to stay in shape and succeed in your financial and personal goals.

Stay fit and earn in Cryptocurrency!

For crypto fans and enthusiasts BeFaster is revolutionising fitness and is definitely the perfect app for you. If you’re starting to learn crypto and don’t know where to begin, is a better option. Being healthy is a good habit, and learning to use crypto is another.

The ways how to earn a cryptocurrency and rewards in diverse methods based on protocol like

Revenue shares can be used to buy or sell cryptocurrencies

BFHT crypto-based 50% revenue to token holders or investors

Crypto-backed PAID

Referral system

Ranking System

VIP Packages





BFHT – How does it work?

You can decide which part of the revenue share you earn can swap to cryptocurrencies as a BFHT holder. You can also select tokens in the Binance Smart Chain and distribution tokens brought from the market.

BFHT revenue shares, on the other hand, are distributed free of charge. This revenue stream gives token holders 50% partial revenue from the sales of The revenue share has also been distributed in the referral system and ranking list placements.

BFHT revenue share can be sold when claimed and staked. BFHT can be converted to USDT or your preferred cryptocurrency.

Another rewards system is PAID. Place your bet against another user and get victorious.

Rank in the placement list based on number of PAID and XP you’ve got. PAID holders who get the highest ranking receives 5% of the company revenue every month.

There are other ways to earn cryptocurrency in Earn PAID like number of kilometers ran, XP gained, and top rank placement in the Ranking List, you’ll receive PAID tokens. You can also gain revenue share through Referral System, Shop, BePartner, and BeFasterGames.

Also, take advantage of the VIP packages to reduce the transaction fees and other costs incurred between payout withdrawals and in-app purchases. VIP packages also increase your PAID and XP distribution to be competitive in your Quests.

Note that the protocol is fully automated and based on multiple smart contracts. Only staked revenue will be distributed. If BFHT holders need to sell their BFHT, they must non-stake the amount and visit the website to mark it unstaked. If you staked your BFHT  you will receive revenue share. Stake and unstake your BFHT daily anytime. Revolutionising Fitness while you earn! Cutting-Edge Fitness App for All

Being fit and healthy has no age limit. Anybody can look good and feel good being healthy regardless of status and stage.

Even if you’re running or jogging, is a reliable fitness partner app. The good news is – plans to incorporate sports like biking or cycling, swimming, etc.

Aside from your personal fitness app, you can also connect with your friends and other users from different parts of the world. Despite differences in age, culture, and origin, sharing your fitness and health goals can inspire other app users to work on their personal goals. That helps the community reach its common objective, fitness, and a healthy lifestyle for all.

Revolutionising Fitness – Be Limited, a pioneering company in sports blockchain and cryptocurrency is converting your activities and performances through profit has never been this better. Our commitment to transparency and security results in a positive app user experience.

Downloading the app is straightforward. The most exciting part, is free to download. Getting fit by running has never been easier, more rewarding, and just this fun.

Join the new fitness revolution! Be fast, be fit, and get paid. Available in Android in 2022 and iOS beginning 2023. Download application now!