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Our Story brings together what belongs together! People, ideas, technologies, dreams and visions. For the three founders there was a life before; and the life after. By the way, they already knew each other from the life before and combined all their know – how and ideals with the goal to create something that brings real added value to the world and the individual. We have created a completely self-contained ecosystem whose beauty is revealed more and more with each new update.

Our Mission

Our mission is to motivate people to exercise more! We want to promote an active lifestyle and reward people for it. We focus on the active users and those who would like to become active.  We understand them and offer them a whole “universe” that revolves around them and their needs. Play – fun – encouragement and demand and not to forget the financial incentive. Along the way, we have made it our goal to bring the accessibility and usability of blockchain technology closer to the general public.

The Founders

Maximilian Jurtz

Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

He has more than 15 years of experience in finance and management. His areas of expertise include financial planning, financial and profitability analysis and accounting. Through his many years of experience as an independent and self-employed financial advisor, he has successfully advised and supported many clients in the private and commercial sectors. His area of expertise includes assisting medium and large companies in their business growth and the related review and optimization of available resources and financial foundations. In this way, his second passion and personal strength emerged, namely the formation and management of a well-functioning homogeneous team, in which the respective personal strengths and competencies are the focus and receive individual attention.

Irina Manilitsch

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

She is a lawyer specializing in European and international public law. Her strength and experience naturally lies in the legal review and appropriate implementation of processes. She always views processes in the light of the law and therefore has the ability to identify relevant opportunities and risks at an early stage and to take further necessary steps and measures accordingly. Thanks to her many years of practical experience in finance, she combines skills from both areas and is therefore well-versed in the field of corporate strategies and alignment. She is able to act and plan with foresight so that all internal company processes converge with her. Her experience in team leadership promotes open and goal-oriented communication within the team, which enables a joint fast and effective way of working.

Frank Schulze

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Frank is the architect and creative head in the BeFaster team and always amazes with one or another idea to improve, expand and innovate the BeUniverse. One of his skills and passions is to put a face to the BeUniverse and take care of the visual presentation issues. He puts a face to BeFaster. His favourite tools include image and video editing programmes and animation.

His 19 years of experience as an independent financial consultant is a rather atypical side of his very creative personality, but very helpful in coordinating and taking responsibility for the entire CI/CD/UX/UI sector.

Our Developer Team

Galin Dinkov

Technical Advisor

Self-taught programmer, worked on a variety of projects and technologies. Founded and managed several companies, mainly in the field of game development, with international success. Blockchain evangelist and cryptography worshipper.

Simeon Hristov

Lead Backend Developer

Daniel Yordanov

Cloud Architect

Kristyan Verbanov

Lead Mobile Developer

Dragor Mitev

Lead Blockchain Developer

Stoycho Petrov

Android Developer


Daniel Casanova

Senior Community Manager (FR/ENG)

Daniel has a degree in marketing and communications. Due to his years of experience, coupled with the in-depth knowledge and understanding of cryptocurrencies, he is always there for all community inquiries. Always. As a competitive athlete and crypto fan, he has an extraordinary talent to understand all requests. His human nature and acquired professionalism let him solve them patiently and to the fullest satisfaction. In addition, Daniel is the mouthpiece of in the French-speaking channel.

Alexander Rüschmann

Project Management / Growth & Partners

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