One Application- Two tokens

Two token are better than one. With the tokenization of you can benefit twice.

As soon as you enter the universe, you have two tokens at your disposal. One gives you the opportunity to participate in the Staking Pool, which is filled with 50% of the revenues. The other is the InApp Token, which fulfils fundamental elements within the app. Both are not directly related to each other, have different characteristics and are likely to develop completely differently on the market.


Be Faster Holder Token


Total circulation : 297,702,612


BEP- 20 Token


stake and participate in the Staking Pool

You want to trade the BFHT or provide it as liquidity?

Token Distribution

Airdrop & Bounty

1 %


30 % Ltd.

10 %

Team & Developer

20 %

Early Adopters

15 %

Staking Rewards

10 %


4 %


10 %



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